These cars will help spread peace and love!
Symmetry transfer process: fold paper in half vertically, and draw half van with pencil first then light black oil pastel, then close paper and rub onto the other side. (Visuals are on tables for students to see the shape and I do a quick demo of the contour line.) 
After the outline is done, no more pastel or transferring(too smeary) students use pencil, then sharpie, to fill in the inside details. If you want it really symmetrical you could transfer by folding each thing. We did it free hand. I started this lesson with a quick video of Filmore, from the Cars movie!! Some Sixfth graders  add color and backgrounds !!! Excited to see how they turn out!!

- Gum drop challenge

- Reindeer lollipop

- Roll to create a gingerbread house and Xmas Word soup

- Augmented Reality (Quiver)

- Design and draw your Xmas ugly sweater

Funky Snowman ⛄️ ⛄️ ⛄️ a nice and relaxing activity for the last few days of school. Thanks @teachstarter 

Más fotos aquí

Learning about Halloween in England!

Cool workshop with Cathy Lynch. So much fun learning about cells!

Model of a Cell Workshop. Thank you to Carmen and the students at Santa Olaya C.P for taking part in our workshop. The students had been studying plant and animal cells - the various parts of the cells and their functions. Their task was to build a model of either a plant cell or an animal cell. They used lots of different materials, including clay, beads, pipe cleaners, jelly and sweets. The students created fantastic models and presented them to their classmates at the end of the workshop. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such wonderful students! Well done on your great teamwork and creative models! 

Welcome Laura, our language assitant from Worthing, England!

  •  9 craft sticks 
  •   4 rubber bands. 
  •   1 plastic spoon
  •    pom poms.
  •   1 roll of masking tape. 

Almost everyone was able to make their own catapult.  I did have to help a few kids in making an X out of the rubber bands.

Now for the fun part-target practice!  I set up a bunch of masking tape targets and piles of ammunition (chocolate coins).

Our 4th grade project was based on Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler.  
Students used cotton swabs to assemble skeletons in an action pose and then label the main bones.

Practice your electric circuits here

circuit simulator